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Book 1: One Sword Saga

Rise of Knight and Sword

Guinevere has always lived on the outskirts of Avalon with a view of Camelot available. Working at the library, her life is fairly predictable and mundane. That is until an encoded map rumored to lead to Excalibur arrives. But corruption runs rampant. Especially Gorlois, the adviser to the king and aspiring ruler himself, along with his ranger henchman, Agravain.

To fix the land she calls home, she must find the mythical sword and rid the kingdom of its corruption.

As Guinevere becomes more deeply embroiled in her search for Excalibur, she must team up with a duo of bounty hunters to prevent the kingdom from being overtaken by the corrupt, power-hungry man. But as betrayal threatens to cement Gorlois’s power in Camelot, Guinevere will need to risk her life and form new alliances in order to save her friends, and Avalon itself.

November 17th 2020

0 Days
9 Hours
59 Minutes
59 Seconds

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